Creating wealth from waste...


The proposed unit shall be for production of LDO/FO from Pyrolysis Plant and allied products in due course. It is environmental friendly green pretty an activity that is need of the time and a step forward in Swatchha Bharat Abhiyan.

We intend to produce from (municipal) plastic waste, the pyrolysis oil i.e. LDO-Light diesel oil or FO-Furnace oil, Charcoal. This is easily saleable in market and saves foreign exchange. Gas is also produced but that is recycled and used for heating process.

The proposed unit shall be run by a Proprietary concern enjoying groups of experienced associates, expert professionals, modern machinery and all necessary infrastructures etc complete.

The unit will be situated 1.5 acres of leased land at S.No.830 Mauje Renapur, Tq Renapur, Dist. Latur-413527 may be subsequently expanded to large land in stage III MIDC of Latur or suitable for large unit. Captioned land is about 15 km from Latur on State highway No.144 from Latur to Renapur to Beed to Auranagabad.

Finished goods may be dispatched by road or Rail.

Latur is industrially, commercially & educationally developed city.

Recently lot of development activity has been taken up at rapid pace since Latur city enjoys corporation status.



Sturdy Construction


Extremely Cost-effective


Very Profitable Business


Eco friendly

|Value Proposition

1. Reduce Plastic / Tyre waste pollution

2. Get tipping fees associated with Plastic / Tyre sourcing.

3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG emissions) related to incineration and oil extraction.

4. Reduce dependency on foreign oil and exposure to volatile oil prices.

5. Create additional revenue through mixed fuel sales from waste.

6. Create green jobs for local community

7. Create strong environmental stewardship with local community by better waste management practice


Location : The proposed Unit will be located at S.No.830 Mauje Renapur, Tq Renapur, Dist. Latur-413527 and enjoys all the locational advantages required for the proposed unit.

Raw Material : The Raw material required is waste plastic.. It is daily & easily available in ample quantity.

Power : Power required is almost 40 Kw. Ultramodern SPS-Solar Power System to cater for this need is proposed to be set up by this unit.

Man Power Requirement : The required skilled and unskilled labor force is available at Latur along with machine operators, persons for office work, accounts and administration as under:- 1 Technical Engineer (Part time), 1 persons- Administrative-accounts-stores-clerical etc., 1 Supervisor, and 6 Unskilled Workers etc complete. =Total staff of 9 persons only.

Transportation : The raw materials and the finished goods are to be transported by roads. We have proposed to engage 2 mini trucks/tractors with large trolleys for this project on the basis of immediate availing upon phone and rate of raw materials is presumed to be delivered to our factory site.

Effluents : Absolutely ‘No hazardous effluents’ are generated during production process. The unit to submit application for MPCB clearance and shall seek FSSAI license etc.